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Mapal Plastics is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business, including customer service, supply chain, product quality, competitive pricing and product support. We lead the field in developing ground-breaking products for the printing industry and for hydroponic agriculture, and we are quick to respond to market demands by creating new products for every sector.

Mapal’s engineers are constantly seeking innovative techniques for the manufacture and printing of polypropylene, to help our customers stay one step ahead of the game.

At Mapal we only use materials that can be recycled and we offer our clients products made from recycled materials. We strive to minimize the carbon footprint of our production process, while ensuring the high quality of our products. We are always committed to improving our products and production methods in order to meet the needs of our customers, while protecting both our environment and theirs.

People and their welfare are at the heart of everything we strive for at Mapal. We employ people from diverse populations. Our human resources department follows an equal opportunity policy, with a commitment to finding the best person for every task, irrespective of their ethnicity, gender or beliefs. At Mapal we care about all our employees and are actively involved in supporting local community groups.


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