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Polypropylene is the emerging alternative to other polymers for the thermoforming industry because of its clear advantages. PP has a lower specific gravity (0.91 Kg/m3) than PET (1.36 Kg/m3) and PVC (1.35 Kg/m3). Mapal’s special formula polypropylene can also withstand higher temperatures, making it the packaging material of choice for both deep-freeze and microwave foods.

Its price is significantly lower than other polymers and this, together with its excellent thermoforming properties, makes Mapal polypropylene the most competitive high quality material of choice for today’s packaging industry.

We can provide PP sheets for thermoforming in a choice of sizes, thickness and formulas to suit the exact requirements of our customers. We offer a choice of four formats, each with its own clear advantages for certain types of packaging:

Polypropylene (PP) Sheets for Thermoforming
Mono-layer sheets, supplied in thicknesses from 150 micron to 5mm, Suitable for simple food or non-food packaging materials.

Thermoformed PP with Polyethylene (PE) Sealing Layer (PP / PE)
Co-extruded sheets that combine high-quality polypropylene with an integral polyethylene sealing layer. This special combination enables sealing at low temperatures, which has clear time and energy saving benefits for the packaging industry and its customers.

Thermoformed PP High Barrier (EVOH) Sheets for Food (PP / EVOH / PE)
Designed for the food industry, these special co-extruded sheets are laminated with a high barrier film of ethylene vinyl alcohol which is very effective at excluding air and protecting the flavour of the food, extending its shelf-life and quality. They are ideal for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications and particularly for raw meat, cheese, ready meals and cooked foods.

Thermoformed PP Sheets for Sterilization (PP / EVOH / PP)
Specialist polypropylene sheets laminated with a high barrier film comprising three thick Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) layers for sterilizing and retort applications. This treatment technology enables a short recovery time after the sterilization process because the EVOH layer dries within a few hours.

Comparison with alternatives

POLYPROPYLENE           0.91                     UP TO 120º         YES          RECYCLABLE
PET                                  1.35                     UP TO 60º           NO          RECYCLABLE
PVC                                  1.40                    UP TO 60º            NO          RECYCLABLE

Technical specifications
The process of thermoforming polypropylene rolls or sheets in lower thickness is comparable to thermoforming PVC or PET.

Our special-formula polypropylene rolls can be used with:
• Complex thermoforming machines
• Standard thermoforming machines
• Simple thermoforming machines that usually cannot run PP

Mapal PP rolls and sheets are provided in thickness of 120 microns and upwards to more than 1000 microns, and in widths of up to 1.70 meters. It comes in a wide range of colors and transparencies, and with either matt or shiny finish.


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