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Mapal slip-sheets are revolutionizing the product handling industry as an alternative to wooden and plastic pallets. By aiding the movement of product loads, they remove the need for bulky pallets, freeing up the storage space that pallets take up, and they save cost.

Because they are typically manufactured from recycled PP and are easily recyclable, and because they reduce load volumes, slip-sheets are friendly to the environment.

How Slip-Sheets Work
Slip-sheets are multi-layered polymer sheets, manufactured with specially textured upper and lower surfaces to facilitate the easy handling of the loads between which they are placed. When product loads are separated with slip-sheets, the sheet creates a difference in the coefficient of friction on both sides. The top surface offers extra friction to hold the merchandize in place and prevent slipping, while the bottom surface offers easy sliding to assist in the easy movement of the load along the floor and when loading and unloading. Loads transported using slip-sheets should ideally be stretch-wrapped or shrink wrapped for stability during handling, and special equipment is required at both the sending and receiving locations.

Equipment for Handling Slip-Sheets
At both ends of the journey, the sending and receiving agents must have the necessary equipment for loading and unloading goods that are separated with slip-sheets instead of pallets. Because slip-sheets are widely used and appreciated, forklift manufacturers offer special push-pull and roller-fork units designed to adapt their forklift vehicles for use with slip sheets.
  • Advantages of Slip-Sheets over Pallets
    • Lower price per unit 
    • 98% saving of stacking space in containers & warehouses 
    • 10% more available shipping space
    • Less return transport
    • Less administration
    • Less handling
    • Lower purchasing costs
    • Longer shelf life
    • Weather resistant
    • More hygienic (no need for pallet disinfection)
    • Stronger and more resilient material
    • Ecologically sound
    • Environmentally friendly (recyclable)

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