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Technical Sheets

The R&D experts at Mapal are working constantly to find new technical applications for polypropylene sheets. The versatility and environmental qualities of this exciting polymer make it extremely useful in many industries.

Solar Energy Applications
Research and usage of solar energy collector panels of different designs and specifications has proven that solar panel back sheets made from polypropylene are significantly better than any other material.

Slip-Sheet Technology
The most exciting use of polypropylene sheets is probably the slip-sheet that is transforming the way that goods of all shapes and sizes are transported and stored. By replacing the traditional wooden pallet that is generally used to separate load packages, these thin and eco-friendly PP sheet is reducing costs throughout the logistics industry.

PP is a highly sustainable product because it is fully recyclable and easier to recycle than almost any other plastic. These two examples of relatively new technical applications demonstrate why the increased use of polypropylene is making the world a better place.

Our innovative product development team is interested to develop new uses for polypropylene sheets and welcomes the opportunity to discuss new ideas with our clients around the world.

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