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Flame Retardant

Since polypropylene is a flammable substance, it is crucial that sheets intended for use in proximity to heat or light sources are mixed with a special compound to resist flammability. Mapal’s non-toxic flame-retardant sheets are highly effective in inhibiting the spread of fire.

Recommended applications for Mapal’s flame-retardant polypropylene sheets include:
• Home Furnishings
• Construction Materials
• Indoor & Outdoor Signage
• Packaging for Electronic Products.

Mapal’s specially formulated polypropylene sheets comply with the following standards for fire resistance:
• UL94 (V0, V2, HB)
• DIN 4102 (B1, B2)
  • PP’s lower specific gravity results in lower price per square meter.
    PP can withstand a wide range of temperatures thus making it suitable for both deep freeze and microwave applications. Wide range of colors, textures and opacities.
    Thinner PP sheets are comparable to thermoforming thicker PVC or PET.

    • PP Rolls and Sheets:
    • Thickness: 120μ - 1000μ The Diversity of Maplon PP Rolls: Mono layers.
    • Bi-layered PP/PE.
    • Multi layered PP/EVOH/PE.
    • Used both in complex and standard
    • Thermoforming machines.
    • Used both in complex and standard

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