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In order to protect materials that are particularly sensitive to static electricity, Mapal’s polypropylene sheets are treated with a compound that is designed to enhance their surface resistivity and reduce the build-up of static electricity.

Mapal’s polypropylene sheets have a surface resistivity of 10-13 Ohm/sq. This special property reduces the risk of static electricity damaging delicate and potentially flammable products.

The superior ability of these plastic sheets to dissipate electrical charges and static build-up makes them ideal for the packaging and storage of many types of sensitive products, including:
    •  Main Applications for Anti-static Sheets:

      • Electronic Products and Computer Components. Because electronic and computer components are sensitive to static electricity, Mapal’santi-static plastic sheets are ideal for use in packaging materials for the electronics industry.

      • Mapal’s anti-static plastic liners are recommended to line containers used for the storage and transportation of any materials that are potentially flammable or volatile, such as industrial paints and powders.

      • Mapal’s anti-static PP sheets can be used for many other purposes. To discuss your special requirements, please contact your nearest Mapal representative.

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