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Mapal manufactures a range of specially treated polypropylene sheets that can be used to protect many surfaces from dangerous micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. This unique chemical compound is toxic to microorganisms but non-toxic to humans and animals. Its anti-microbial properties are unaffected by scratching or damage to the sheet surface caused by sustained use.
Many surfaces that are not adequately cleaned lead to the growth of microorganisms. It is generally recommended to cover vulnerable surfaces in areas where there is a high-risk of contamination. In such scenarios, Mapal’s treated polypropylene sheets help to reduce the spread of infections and provide a more sterile environment.

Recommended for High-Risk Public Areas:
Facilities such as hospital nurseries, wards, bedrooms and bathrooms, and public kitchens and dining halls, are often susceptible to the spread of infections. Covering surfaces with Mapal antimicrobial plastic sheets can help to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Recommended for Domestic Scenarios:
Home kitchens and bathrooms can also attract micro-organisms and allow them to spread between people. Hygienic protection is particularly important where there are domestic animals, especially pets who come into contact with other animals and import potentially dangerous microbes into the home.

Recommended for Industrial Facilities:
It is crucial to contain the growth of microorganisms in many industrial settings, such as electronics factories, food production facilities, and other sensitive industries.
Antimicrobial treated plastics should be used for filters, pipes and surfaces, to reduce the risk of contamination. Similarly, when products leave the factory for transportation, we recommend protecting their safety and integrity by using antimicrobial packaging materials.
  •  Main Applications for Antimicrobial Sheets:

    • Kitchens and Dining Halls
    • Nurseries, Bedrooms and Bathrooms
    • Pet Mats
    • Packaging

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