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Mapal continually strives to develop innovative products that utilize materials from the polyolefin family – polypropylene and polyethylene – for new applications, responding to the needs of different industries.  

Our extensive range of special polypropylene sheets are modified with customized flame-retardant, anti-static and antimicrobial compounds in order to fulfil various specific purposes.

Flame Retardant Sheets
Since polypropylene is a flammable substance, it is crucial that sheets intended for use in proximity to heat or light sources are flame resistant. Mapal uses a non-toxic flame-retardant compound that is highly effective in inhibiting the spread of fire in polypropylene sheets.

Anti-Static Sheets
In order to protect materials that are particularly sensitive to static electricity, Mapal’s polypropylene sheets have enhanced surface resistivity, designed to reduce the build-up of static electricity that can occur. They are treated with a compound that is designed to dissipate static charges away from delicate and potentially flammable products.

Antimicrobial Sheets
These specially treated polypropylene sheets can be used to protect many surfaces from dangerous micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Mapal’s unique additive is non-toxic, and its anti-microbial properties are unaffected by scratching or damage to the sheet surface through sustained use.

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