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The packaging of any product is crucial to its attraction and its successful sale, as a key component of its branding and presentation. Manufacturers today look for the most creative and practical ways to wrap products of all types so that they can be transported and stored efficiently, and displayed to best advantage.

Mapal is a leading supplier of customized polypropylene sheets for packaging.

These can be cut and creased using all the technologies generally used for cardboard, but they offer many advantages over card in terms of visibility and durability. The sheets can be easily die-cut and hot stamped using conventional machines like Tigel, Bobst and Heidelberg. They can be glued using PUR hot–melt adhesives, or cut and folded into an infinite array of possible shapes.


For food product packaging, Mapal provides food-grade polypropylene sheets that are FDA and EEC approved, in addition to a wide range of thermoformed packaging options.


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