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PolyCraft® Sheets

mapal has developed a new Foam PP sheet, called PolyCraft® as the perfect medium for printed signage and point-of-sale advertising materials. Although these specialized polypropylene sheets are just 2 or 3 millimeters (0.08’ or 0.12’) thick, they punch way above their weight - they are super-light and robust, highly scratch-proof, resistant to heat and chemicals, and 100% opaque.

PolyCraft® sheets are designed to meet the specific needs of high impact marketing materials such as printed exhibition boards, signs, POS and POP displays. Because of their high resistance to UV light, PolyCraft® sheets are ideally suited to outdoor advertising displays, performing much better than PVC sheets. When you print your marketing and advertising messages on PolyCraft®, you can be sure that they will not fade.

PolyCraft® sheets can be supplied in extra-large formats - up to 1.22 meters (4’) wide and 2.44 meters (8’) long.
They are suitable for either screen or digital printing, and can be embossed using matt or quartz techniques.
Unlike PVC, PolyCraft® can be safely cut using lasers. Together with all of Mapal’s PP products, these sheets are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

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