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Alfombras para Escritorios

Protective desk mats are now recognized as an important accessory for many offices and work environments, not only to protect desk tops but also to give people a more comfortable work surface. They help to prevent keyboards, mice and other desktop accessories from slipping on the desk surface, and they are water-resistant against liquid spillage.

Mapal’s protective desk mats are offered in different sizes, colors and thicknesses, and come with practical rounded corners. They can be treated with an anti-slip coating on the underside, or embossed with a range of finishes to ensure that they remain firmly in place.

Polypropylene is a better and more environmentally friendly material than PVC, and has superior qualities of durability and scratch resistance. Polypropylene desk mats are also hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Table:
    TransparencyPVC Very HighHigh*
    Specific Gravity1.410.91
    • PP’s lower specific gravity results in lower price per square meter.
    • PP can withstand a wide range of temperatures thus making it suitable for both deep freeze and microwave applications.
    • Wide range of colors, textures and opacities.
    • Thinner PP sheets are comparable to thermoforming thicker PVC or PET.
    • PP Rolls and Sheets: Thickness: 120μ - 1000μ
    • The Diversity of Maplon PP Rolls:
    • • Mono layers.
    • • Bi-layered PP/PE.
    • • Multi layered PP/EVOH/PE.
    • • Used both in complex and standard
    • • thermoforming machines.

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