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Chair Mats

Mapal specializes in the production of high-quality durable chair mats for use on both hard floors and carpeted floors, in offices, homes and industrial environments. Polypropylene has several benefits over traditional PVC chair mats, and being made from recyclable polypropylene they are more environmentally friendly.

Depending on the surface to be protected from the movement of the chair legs or wheels, you can choose between mats with a non-slip underside designed for parquet floors, and mats with a cleated underside, designed to protect carpets. We offer variations that are suitable for all smooth surfaces and carpets, including mats with a clear underside and mats with spikes for enhanced grip.

Advantages of Mapal Chair Mats
• Durable
• Scratch Resistant
• Non-fading
• Non-toxic
• Water resistant
• Easy to clean
• Hygienic
• Compatible with floor heating systems
  • Table:
    TransparencyPVC Very HighHigh*
    Specific Gravity1.410.91
    • PP’s lower specific gravity results in lower price per square meter.
    • PP can withstand a wide range of temperatures thus making it suitable for both deep freeze and microwave applications.
    • Wide range of colors, textures and opacities.
    • Thinner PP sheets are comparable to thermoforming thicker PVC or PET.
    • PP Rolls and Sheets: Thickness: 120μ - 1000μ
    • The Diversity of Maplon PP Rolls:
    • • Mono layers.
    • • Bi-layered PP/PE.
    • • Multi layered PP/EVOH/PE.
    • • Used both in complex and standard
    • • thermoforming machines.

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