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Protective Mats

One of the many practical applications of polypropylene sheets is to protect surfaces from becoming damaged. Mapal manufactures a range of Desk Mats and Chair Mats that are durable and scratch-resistant, designed to prolong the life of the table tops and floor surfaces that they protect.

Desk Mats
These table-top protective mats make work-surfaces more comfortable with their rounded corners and their anti-slip coating or embossed underside, designed to ensure that the mat stays in place no matter what!

Chair Mats
These polypropylene mats not only protect the surface underneath from the movement of the chair legs or wheels, but they come with a choice of specially textured undersides, designed for all smooth floor surfaces and carpets, which prevent the mat from slipping when the chair is moved.

Mapal’s protective mats are made from recyclable polypropylene so they are environmentally friendly. They can be tailor-made to the needs of different customers in a variety of colors and shapes, and also supplied in folding format to facilitate transportation and storage.

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