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Mapal’s polypropylene sheets designed for the signage and advertising industry are great for getting your message noticed, because they allow for quality printing of high-impact graphics and are UV-stabilized to prevent adhesion.

Our polypropylene display sheets are designed to be recycled and reused. They are more environmentally friendly than many other plastics, because of their low density, their energy-efficient production, and their low carbon footprint.

Mapal’s PP sheets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays because they are weatherproof, lightweight, and highly durable. They provide a superior and economical substitute for other plastic display materials because of their high opacity and high UV tolerance.

Mapal display sheets can be supplied either as rolls or cut to different sizes, to suit your screen and digital printing needs. Our sheets are offered in thicknesses ranging from 220 micron to 3 millimeters, with a wide range of embossing options available to meet your specific requirements.

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