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Mapal offers innovative soilless growing technologies to facilitate the growers with better recycling water & nutrients systems

Mapal Plastics’ agricultural division specializes in providing growing solutions for hydroponics agriculture users, enabling growers to collect, re-use and recycle their drainage water and nutrients. Our dynamic team has developed innovative technologies that offer growers high quality wide range of products, low cost growing systems, long-lasting and efficient solutions for soilless cultivations.

Mapal’s polypropylene troughs, drainage gutters, and hanging gutter systems are designed for growing vegetables, roses, cut flowers, herbs, strawberries & other berries, in very efficient ways. These modular systems are constructed to facilitate the growers collect the drainage, recycle water & nutrients, to serve different sterilize systems and get better replanting conditions.
In the last few years, Mapal's special designs of troughs are used also in the area used by the Organic and Biologic growers.

Our agricultural team supports the growers and provides technical assistance to Mapal’s customers around the world. They are highly professional and experienced in the design of successful hydroponic – soilless growing systems of all types. At Mapal, we are committed to finding the right solution helping you to select and install the optimum system to suit your needs.


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